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My name is Boris Belevtsov. I am the founder of the studio "BorisWeb Media Group" - the author and designer of the prototype media products niche focus with significant growth potential in the long term.

(Information about the products is available on the web resources:,,,,


To speed up the early stages of growth, improve the management and scalability (sales and marketing), I have decided to assemble an international team of strategic business partners. Through close cooperation with owners and management, I am interested in establishing an the international parent company «One Account Products» and in stable increase of its value.


I am ready to the changes by discussion of strategy and business policy. I am interested in the owners with a good understanding of how to implement the objectives on growth, as well as with the willingness to hire the best professionals available in the market. Partners must have the same goals and intentions as the management and shareholders of the company. Estimated share of minority interests of 0.95%, 1.95%, 2.95%, no more than 25% minus 1 share.


On the basis of preliminary analysis of a diversified portfolio of products from the perspective of market attractiveness and based on the forecast of the implementation of the marketing plan 3-5 years in the future, investments in data center and operating activities I guess the minimum required amount of initial capital investment of 268.4 MEuro.


The main challenge is the creating an environment that provides financial stability and building long-term value of the company.


If You are interested my proposal, please consider the project for your participation.

Thank you
With best regards,
Boris L. Belevtsov

Mission and vision


Modern technology can solve the social problems of relationships between people. The strategy of social responsibility «One Account Products» defines philosophy, basic principles and criteria for the selection of projects implemented by the company for the benefit of countries of the world community as a whole, and in particular - the fortress of the family.

• Products «One Account Products», and this in the long term more than 300 resources by product number, cover a wide range of interests and Hobbies for the maximum possible number of users.
• All products «One Account Products», developed on the basis of the unique technology «Сonflict-free thinking | Non-conflict thinking», including ethnic, premium sports, entertainment, and professional social media, have the prospect of global growth and scalability.
• Each premium resource, consisting of 3 custom services: social networking, Dating service and message boards, including 4 ways of monetization.


A business model based on tools technology «Сonflict-free thinking | Non-conflict thinking» - premium brand-selectivity, personal socially-significant natural filter and self regulation using the system of colored «Blocksigns | Blockmarks» provide each user the natural safety of the communication and the use of additional services.

NOTE The availability of premium brand-selectivity, personal socially-significant natural filter and self regulation using the system of colored «Blocksigns | Blockmarks» allows at an early stage to filter out anonymous users with bad intentions from the users for whom was developed each of the resources.


Products «One Account Products» contribute to:

the consolidation and integration of people with a common mentality, ideology and beliefs.

the creation of a family with a strong and long lasting relationships.

the preservation of cultural traditions, language, and identity.

the formation of a conflict-free thinking skills that will help to avoid domestic conflicts and insure any user against life mistakes.
NOTE Products «One Account Products» contribute to minimize the probability coincidence of building long-term relationships with unfavorable people that it is possible to avoid the biggest regrets in the future.


• Each of the resources we create the conditions that minimize conflicts of beliefs, which significantly reduces the possibility of mutual insults.
• Products «One Account Products» contribute to the prevention of inter-ethnic conflicts among adolescents.

NOTE Account Cost (annual subscription!) - investments of each of the users in the future conflict-free society.


recruitment into terrorist organizations, totalitarian sects and destructive cults;;
online fraud;
creating fake accounts.


• The company's mission «One Account Products» improving the quality of relationships between people, introducing conflict-free thinking skills, to bring human relationships to a new level. A new level of social relations where there shouldn't be conflicts!
• The objective of the company «One Account Products» - development and maintenance of social media (communication means), developed on the basis of the technology «Сonflict-free thinking | Non-conflict thinking».


Unique skills conflict-free thinking will insure you and your loved ones against mistakes in life!

Conflict-free thinking™
will save you
against mistakes
in life!

This resource has an integrated the «Conflict-free thinking™» Colored Blocksign System, which allows people to learn not to insult each other and to fight against the teenage worldview in adults, adolescents and children!
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Technology «Сonflict-free thinking | Non-conflict thinking» inherent in the project "UnionGlobalCommunities" and all IT products "OneAccountProducts", including ethnic, sports premium, professional and entertaining social media (more than 300 products in perspective).

NOTE Technology «Сonflict-free thinking | Non-conflict thinking», as well as the formation, development and skills of conflict-free thinking will help to avoid domestic conflicts between strangers; contribute to the improvement of working environment between supervisors and subordinates; will greatly reduce conflicts in the family between family members, between husband and wife, between parents and children, which will greatly contribute to long-lasting relationships, strengthen families, maintain health and prolong life. The above in the long term will lead to the return of trust of people to each other. But in General, the acquired skills of conflict-free thinking will allow you to insure any user from mistakes in life!


Prospects of development of the Company

NOTE Information for potential Shareholders

Social media is based on unique technology «Сonflict-free thinking | Non-conflict thinking» will be the main core competencies of the company «One Account Products» that in the medium term will have a positive impact:

• on the image and reputation of the company in the expansion of its IT products in new markets;
• on promoting its corporate brand and sub-brands, as well as their mutual support;
• on the increase of the Company's value and the value of its intangible assets - creation of brand capital;
• on the ability of the company's products to be unique and competitive;
• on minimizing the risks of development of the company in conditions of uncertainty in the long term;
• on the minimization of country risks in connection with the growth of reputational capital Shareholders.

Our products solve the problem of relationships between people on the Internet.

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